We deliver OISHII Smile to the world.

As we stated on the top page, "DASHI is the foundation of all cooking". DASHI doesn't have a stand out flavor on its own, but creates depth and richness in foods by unifying flavors of all other ingredients and seasonings . Therefore, it serves as a key ingredient in Japanese food and many chefs pay special attention to DASHI quality. We believe that the best answer to their quest for quality is to provide constant quality in our  products. The expertise in each process and strict quality inspection assures highest quality possible consistently in our products.

DASHI" is Japanese name for "Broth" or soup made by cooking seafood or vegetables. There are many types of fish and other ingredients used as DASHI stock. Often, executive chefs in restaurants decide which ingredients to use depending on dishes or menu. DASHI serves as creating foundation of taste or UMAMI in Japanese cuisine. Without DASHI, the dish will not have depth or richness in flavor. Especially, Bonito and Kelp are known as quality broth stock as well as their compatibility with variety of foods.

 Japanese cuisine emphasizes using nutritious seasonal ingredients with simple cooking methods to enhance character and quality of the selected ingredients. Food culture is one of the major factor in sustaining Japan as world's top country for longevity. Now, there are concerns for food shortage and many pay great attention to ecology in the world. It might be meaningful to look into this healthy culture which values food ingredients. Japanese DASHI enhances quality of food materials. We introduce healthy Japanese food to the world.

We wish this Japanese culture will be inherited widely and more people in the world to  have rich and healthy food life.