DonDon series Shiro Tsuyu 1.8L EXP

Product Features

Light-colored seasoning with white soy sauce and blended fish DASHI such as Bonito, Macherel, and Sardine. It will enhance natural flavor and color of cooking ingredients. Excellent compatibility with egg dishes.


・Japanese omelette ・miso soup ・noodle soup ・oden stew etc

  • Ingredients

  • Salt, Sweet cooking wine(glutinous rice, malted rice), Fermented Seasoning(glutinous rice, malted rice, salt), Sake(rice, malted rice, Ethyl alcohol),White soy sauce(wheat, soybean, salt), Dried mackerel, Dried sardine(Etrumeus teres, Engraulis japonicus, Sardinops melanostictus),Dried bonito, Sugar, Dried frigate tuna, Hydrolyzed fish(sardine, bonito, tuna) protein, Bonito extract, Dried bonito extract, Dried sardine(Etrumeus teres, Engraulis japonicus, Sardinops melanostictus) extract,Dried frigate tuna extract(dried frigate mackerel, water), Ethyl alcohol, Flavour Enhancer

  • Packaging

  • 1.8L/bottle×6bottles/carton

  • JAN Code

  • 4960002052413

  • Expiration Date

  • It is 18 months from a manufacture day.

Product Details

Product Code 8263
Unopened; Store in room temperature away from heat, high humidity and sunlight.
After opening; Store in refrigerator.
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