Sozai chomidashi shijimi 400ml

Product Features

A generous amount of domestically produced shijimi clam is used. This liquid seasoning broth is made by extracting shijimi with our unique manufacturing method that brings out the best taste of the ingredients.
Recommended for Japanese restaurants, ramen stores, izakaya (Japanese-style pubs), and Western-style restaurants.
Various Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes can be prepared using material seasoning dashi.


・Clam chowder ・ramen ・Miso soup etc.

  • Ingredients

  • Fresh water clam(Cyrenidae)[Japan], Salt, Ethyl alcohol, Flavour Enhancer

  • Packaging

  • 400ml/bag x 12bags/carton

  • JAN Code

  • 4960002050624

  • Expiration Date

  • It is 1 year from a manufacture day.

Product Details

Product Code 8074

Unopened; Store in room temperature away from heat, high humidity and sunlight.
After opening; Store in refrigerator.

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