Kelp (Sea Tangle) and Bonito Broth


<Ingredients_4 servings>
Kiridashi Kombu Dried konbu kelp (sea tangle)・・・5-10g
Banno Hana Kezuri (Katsuo)
(katsuo-busi/kezuri-bushi, dried bonito flakes)・・・50g



<How to Cook>

Wipe Konbu kelp with damp cloth to clean. Fill a bowl with cold water and soak kelp for about 30 minutes.

Transfer the kelp and water to a large pot, and place it over the medium heat.
When small bubbles appear from the bottom of the pot, remove the kelp immediately.

When water is boiled, add all the dried bonito flakes at once.
Turn off the heat immediately.

Wait until the entire dried bonito flakes sink in the bottom of pot.
Strain the soup through a sieve of fine mesh or thick paper towel slowly to obtain the clear soup in a bowl (Clean cloth can be used as well.)


★ TIPS ★
・This broth is suitable for simmered dishes and soups.
・Do not squeeze liquid from the remaining dried bonito flakes to keep soup clearer.
・Do not boil water while the kelp is in the pot to avoid sliminess from kelp.