Pork and Vegetable Miso Soup


<Ingredients_4 servings>
Hongatsuo DASHI Soup・・・800ml

White Giant Radish・・・150g
Devil’s Toungue (Kon-nyaku)・・・60g
Deep Fried Bean Curd (abura-age) Scallion・・・20g



<How to Cook>

Cut white radish and carrot in quarter-rounds, burdock in diagonals, parboiled Kon-nyaku and Abura-age in rectangles, and pork in a bite size.

Cook vegetables (radish, carrot, burdick, and Kon-nyaku) in 800ml DASHI soup on the medium heat.

Add pork and Abura-age when the vegetables are cooked, cook until the pork is tender.

Place the strainer in the soup pot, add Miso gradually into the soup while softening with some stock and dissolving.Heat until right before boiling, then serve in a bowl and sprinkle the sliced scallion.