Soba Noodle


<Ingredients_4 servings>
Buckwheat Noodle (Dried Noodle)・・・4 servings (400g)

【Cold Dipping Sauce】
DonDon series Katsuo Tsuyu EXP・・・80ml

【Hot Noodle Soup】
DonDon series Katsuo Tsuyu EXP・・・160ml

Chopped Green Onion
Dried Seaweed (Nori)



<How to Cook>

Mix DonDon Katsuo Tsuyu EXP and water, chill in refrigerator for cold sauce, heat up in a pot for hot soup.

Cook buckwheat noodle in plenty of boiling water as long as indicated on product packages.
Stir them to avoid noodles to stick together. Check the firmness by trying one.

Take noodles in a sieve basket and rinse with fresh running water, then drain water well.

For cold style noodles, arrange noodles in portion and serve with chilled sauce in other dipping bowl.

For hot style, arrange noodles in a bowl and pour hot soup.