Asari (Seafood concentrated Dashi sauce series Japanese littleneck clam type)



They live in the estuary of rivers, being saltwater clams. In Edo, many were harvested in the Sumida river by children in the morning and sold in the streets for the breakfast soup, like Shijimi clams too.

A simple yet classic Japanese clear soup of short-neck clams is not only delicious but is easy to make with very few ingredients.


In Japanese, clear soups are known as sumashijiru. This clear soup of clams is called asari (clam) no (of) sumashijiru and pairs wonderfully with any Japanese meal.




To bring out the flavors of this delicate broth, please see the items below.


Product name : Sozai chomi dashi asari  1L
(Seafood concentrated Dashi sauce series clam)

Ingredient : Clams, Salt, Alcohol, Aeasoning (amino acid etc.), Thickener (xanthan gum)
Packaging : 1L/bag × 9bags/carton
Size of CTN : 440 × 236 × 280 mm
Expiration date : 1 year from manufacture day.



Use carefully selected clams luxuriously.
A rich flavor, a liquid seasoning that can be used for various dishes.

How to Cook


● Material (3 servings)

Sozai tyoumi dashi asari      30cc

Water                                  400cc
Sake                                       5cc
Thin soy sauce                       5cc
A pinch of Salt
Clams, as needed

  • How to make

①Pour Sozai tyoumi dashi Asari, water and clam into a pot and simmer.
②When the clams mouth opens, add sake, thin soy sauce and salt.

Other recipes

『Rice gratin』

● Material (3 servings)
Sozai chomi dashi asari    50cc
Milk                                  500cc
Butter                                  30g
Flour                                   30g
Zucchini                              90g
Pumpkin                              90g
Mini tomato                  6 pieces
Soft-boiled eggs          3 pieces
Saffron rice                      3 cups
Cheese for pizza     appropriate amount
Parmesan cheese   appropriate amount

● How to make
❶ Melt butter in a frying pan, add flour, and knead it so as not to burn. Milk is added little by little to make white sauce.Add seasoning to the finish and add 【Sozai chomi dashi asari】, stop it if you mix thoroughly.
❷ Zucchini slices and slices of pumpkin. Put the butter in a frying pan and fry it lightly.
❸ Pour saffron rice into a gratin dish, apply the sauce of ①, serve ② and mini tomatoes and cook pizza cheese and Parmesan cheese.
❹ Place ③ into an oven, take out the baked goods and remove it, put on a Soft-boiled eggs.

『Soup pasta』

● Material (1 serving)
Sozai chomi dashi asari     20cc
Water                                200cc
Pasta                                  80g
White wine                         15cc
Thin soy sauce                    5cc
Shimeji mushrooms            35g
Onions                                30g
Water clams                       20g
1 piece of garlic
Olive oil                   appropriate amount
Salt · pepper           appropriate amount
Italian parsley          as appropriate

● How to make
❶ Chop garlic chopped and onions thinly. Shimeji mushrooms is divided into small pieces.
❷ Place olive oil in a frying pan and heat and add garlic. Then add onion,Shimeji mushrooms , clam and stir fry. Add white wine and emulsify it, add 【Sozai chomi dashi asari】 and water and simmer.
❸ I added boiled pasta and light soy sauce to ②.
❹ Salt and pepper to taste. Serve in the bowl and add Italian parsley.

Delicious and healthy!



Thank you.

Seafood concentrated Dashi sauce series Crab

This time we will introduce the Seafood Concentrated Dashi sauce series
Crab sauce type.

Fresh red snow crab ovary and extract give rich taste. Also, swimming crab give deep flavor. You just only dilute this crab sauce to match your dish.
By mixing the essence of red snow crab and swimming crab, the sauce is excellent in well-balanced UMAMI such as taste, fragrant smell and texture.  We recommend using it as RAMEN(noodle) soup, pasta souse, and hot pot cooking.

Product No.:  8052
Product name: Sozaichomidashi Kani 1L (Crab sauce)
(Seafood Concentrated Dashi Sauce Series Crab)
Ingredient:    Crab[Japan], Crab extract, Brown cream of crab extract
(dextrin, brown cream of crab extract, salt, swimming crab,
reduced sugar syrup),
Salt, Ethyl alcohol, Monosodium glutamate, Xanthan gum
Packaging :   1L/bag × 9bags/carton
Size of CTN:  440 × 236 × 280 mm
JAN-code:   4960002050273
Expiration date:1 year from manufacture day.

Below is chilled style pasta for hot summer recipe.

<Ingredients 2 servings>
Dashi Sauce Crab· · · · · · · · · ·60ml
Pasta· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·200 g
Boiled water of pasta· · · · · · · 80ml
Olive oil · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 30ml
1 Tomato
1 piece of garlic ·
Salt · · · · · · · · · · · · ·· · · · · · ·  2 g
Pepper· · · · · · ·· · · · · · ·  appropriate quantity
Italian parsley· · · · · · · · · ·as appropriate

<How to cook>
❶ Wash boiled pasta with water and drain well.
❷ Chop the garlic and cut the tomatoes small.
❸ Heat olive oil and garlic in a frying pan, stir-fry the tomato when it gets scented.    Add crab sauce, boiled water of pasta, salt and pepper to taste and cool it.
❹ Put ① and ③ in the bowl and mix the whole.
❺ After serving in dishes, scatter Italian parsley.

Hope you try and taste it!

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“Shijimi” is a small blackish clam about one to three centimeters.

The common names of the species include Shijimi (after its Japanese name), Japanese basket clam or Japanese blue clam.


Shijimi is one of the most delicious clams.


The clam lives in brackish water, and Shinji-ko Lake in Shimane Prefecture is the most famous for it.



Shinji-ko Lake


Shijimi is most popular bivalvia using miso soup in Japan.

The Japanese love their sake, an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice.


So after a night spent drinking bottles at an izakaya, soothe your morning hangover with shijimi, a kind of miso soup.


Shijimi clams have an amino acid that removes liver toxins.




Because Shizimi has shells, cooking is troublesome.

So, there are products that can be easily cooked.

Product Name: Sozai-chomidashi Shijimi 1L  (Concentrated extract of Shijimi)

Ingredients  : Shijimi, salt, alcohol, Monosodium glutamate
Expiration   : 1year from manufacturing date

Dilute with water 15 times and make it into miso soup.

In addition, you can make various dishes just by thinning with water.





Thank you.

Seafood concentrated Dashi sauce series Shrimp

There are many delicious ingredients in Japan. Each ingredient has its own unique Umami and it can be used for various dishes.
It is most typical Umami is Dashi which lightly boils dried bonito shavings and kelp.
We focused on Dashi of Japanese ingredients other than dried bonito and kelp.
And we have developed a new concentrated Dashi source using six kinds of Japanese seafood. The six types are Shrimp sauce, Scallop sauce, Crab sauce, Manila clam sauce, Freshwater clam sauce, and Red sea bream sauce. Each of them is a rich dashi source that extracted the Umami of the material.
This time we will introduce the Seafood concentrated Dashi sauce series
Shrimp sauce type.


Product Name: Sozai-chomidashi Ebi 1L
(Seafood Concentrated Dashi Sauce Series Shrimp)
Ingredients  : Shrimp (Alaskan Pink Shrimp, Dried Akiami Paste Shrimp), salt, alcohol,
Monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum
Expiration   : 1year from manufacturing date
By condensing the taste of sweet shrimp and dried shrimp, the shrimp sauce has excellent in Umami balance such as taste, body and sharpness, and has adequately deep flavor.  Also, by adding an appropriate amount of Japanese-sake, it has become mellowness.

It is very convenient because you need only dilute this shrimp sauce to match your dish. It is not necessary to simmer for a long time to make sauce.
This Shrimp sauce can be used for various dishes as well as Japanese cuisine.
We recommend using it for Ramen soup, Pasta sauce and Bisque.
Especially shrimp miso ramen with soup base of this shrimp sauce and soybean-paste is delicious.

Below is shrimp miso ramen recipe.

Shrimp miso ramen

Ingredients 1 servings
Base soup ······ 400ml
Chinese noodle · · · · · · · 1 ball
(Shrimp oil)
Dashi Sauce Series Shrimp · · adequate
chili oil · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · adequate
(Shrimp miso sauce)
Red miso  …… 40 g
White miso …… 20 g
Dashi Sauce Series Shrimp· · · 20ml
Soy Sauce · · · 10ml

<How to cook>
① Mix the ingredients of shrimp oil.
② Mix the ingredients of Shrimp Miso Sauce.
③ Put ② and base soup in the pot and heat it.
④ Pour ③ soup into the serving bowl and add boiled noodles.
⑤ Serve shrimp oil of ① with serving your favorite topping.

Hope you try and taste it!

See you.