Dashi of Dried bonito dashi pack

Dashi is Japanese soup stock and the basis for many dishes in Japanese cuisine. It’s made with dried bonito and kelp, but can also have shiitake and other dried fish. While the ingredients used to make dashi varies regionally, the most basic dashi used in most Japanese dishes is made using katsuobushi (dried bonito). These days, many households use instant dashi granules, which is like the bouillon cube of Japan. Unfortunately, the stock made from these granules tastes nothing like real dashi and it’s often full of salt.

“Dried bonito dashi pack”
Dried bonito dashi pack is very smart product. There are difference in manufacturer, but most of the pack contains fractured actual dried bonitoes or other fish and vegetables. It keeps flavor very close to real DASHI stock and reduce the trouble of filtering.

Dried bonito dashi pack has bonito extract coating on the ingredients, so the bonito flavor, richness and fragrance is concentrated. This excellent product will enable a chef to produce golden dashi stock anywhere in the world regardless of water type.

Dashi pack Hongatsuo (Dried bonito dashi pack)

Ingredients : Dried bonito, Dried bonito extract, Hydrolyzed fish protein, Amino acid
Packaging : 50g×5P/bag×20bags/carton
Expiration Date : It is 1 year from a manufacture day.

Product Features
FUTABA’s signature brand Bonito dashi pack. 48 years of long term best seller among many professionals. It solves the problem of filtering while extracting the authentic flavor of the natural ingredients. Its powerful bonito dashi is excellent for Miso soup and many other cooking.

Pork and vegetable miso soup

<Ingredients_4 servings>
Hongatsuo Dahi soup・・・800ml
White Giant Radish・・・150g
Devil’s Toungue (Kon-nyaku)・・・60g
Deep Fried Bean Curd (abura-age) Scallion・・・20g

<How to Cook>
① Cut white radish and carrot in quarter-rounds, burdock in diagonals, parboiled Kon-nyaku and Abura-age in rectangles, and pork in a bite size.
② Cook vegetables (radish, carrot, burdick, and Kon-nyaku) in 800ml Dsahi soup on the medium heat.
③ Add pork and Abura-age when the vegetables are cooked, cook until the pork is tender.


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