Dashi pack (Japanese soup stock)

Each Japanese restaurant has its own Dashi, or soup stock, which forms the foundation for its taste.The quality of soup stock is determined by the right balance of bonito taste, sweetness, flavor, acidity, richness and fragrance. Preparing high quality Dashi is a very delicate and difficult process in Japanese cuisine.

If it is a Dashi pack, it can be cooked easily.

Dashi pack is a Japanese soup stock, which is made from katsuo-bushi (dried bonito) flakes, kombu (dried kelp), niboshi (dried small sardines), hoshi-shiitake(dried shiitake mushrooms), and more. Dashi pack is very smart product. It keeps flavor very close to real DASHI stock and reduce the trouble of filtering.


When you prepare the dashi stock conventionally with bonito flakes and kelp, you must strain the stock which requires holding a large pot in hand.

When the pot is large, holding and straining it with 80℃ of stock is a difficult task.
With our “Dried Bonito Dashi Pack”, making soup stock is made simple by just boiling it with the pack for 5 to 10 minutes. Also, it is clean without mess, just throw out the dashi pack after preparation.

Japanese water is soft containing small amount of calcium and magnesium, but there are many regions in the world with hard water. When dashi stock is conventionally prepared with hard water, it has the tendency to produce weaker fragrance, cloudy color, bland taste and accentuated bitterness in comparison to when using soft water.

Dashi pack has bonito extract coating on the ingredients, so the bonito flavor, richness and fragrance is concentrated. This excellent product will enable a chef to produce golden dashi stock anywhere in the world regardless of water type.


Highly recommended Dashi pack


Ingredient :
Bonito, sardines, Shiitake mushrooms, Salt, Sugar, Kelp, Vegetable extract, Seasoning (amino acids etc.), Citric acid
Packaging : 50g×10packs
Expiration date : 1 year from manufacture day.

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