Difference in the thickness of Katsuo-Bushi

Katsuo-Bushi is classified into thin flakes and thick flakes based on the difference

in the thickness of the piece of shaving. (Layer of the flakes)
Thin flakes                                          Thick flakes
Thin flakes
Thin flakes are known as Hana-Katsuo or flowery flake because the flakes look
like flower petals.
The layer itself is only 0.5mm thin which reduces cooking time to few minutes.
By cooking the thin flakes it comes out the golden soup with wonderful flavor
which called UMAMI.
Thin flakes are used when cooking soup or as a topping in food in most of
the Japanese restaurants.
Thick flakes
When cooking highly seasoned food such as Ramen, Soba(buckwheat) noodle
and Undo(wheat) noodle thick flakes are the best choice.
Skimming the bitter taste carefully while simmer the thick flakes for more than
30 minutes until UMAMI- the rich taste is extracted.
Please see the video of cooking thick flakes below.
See you later.