Ichi-ju San-sai (A soup and three side dishes)

From ancient times, Japan has formed an excellent food culture.

The combination of rice, soup and 3 side dishes (1 main dish and 2 side dishes) is called as “Ichi-ju San-sai”.


It is a traditional meal style rooted in Japanese dining table.

You can take carbohydrates as an energy source with rice, moisture with soup, and other nutrition in good balance with side dishes.

Also, by serving one person at a time you can understand the amount to eat and you can prevent too much eating.

In a nutritionally balanced diet, many nutrients will mix in the stomach.

As a result, you can expect synergistic effects such as better digestion and absorption, and discharge of excess fat, sugar, salt.

As a popular menu, main dishes are an animal protein like boiled fish or grilled fish.  Side dishes are such as simmered seasonal vegetables or salad.

Side dishes served in another small plate are tofu, cooked beans, pickled dish and so on.

Taking a nutritionally balanced diet is very important for health promotion.


See you. Good luck!