Miso ramen

Soup stock for ramen may be made from seafood, chicken bones, pork bones or various other ingredients.

It is seasoned with soy sauce, miso, salt and other flavorings depending on the region.

This time I will introduce miso ramen.

Miso ramen is ramen noodles in a Miso based soup that was created in Japan in the 1960s.

Miso ramen soup is flavored with soybean paste, resulting in a thick soup with a rich flavor.

Flavored with pork and chicken broth with a mix of toppings such as chashu, ramen egg, sweet corn kernels, nori sheet, this bowl of noodles is going to satisfy your craving.

Famous miso ramen…

Sapporo ramen

Miso ramen seasoned with hot and spicy miso and garlic.

The ramen noodles are boiled in a soup with vegetables that have been fried in plenty of lard and garlic.



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