ODEN recipe



ODEN is a Japanese cuisine especially suitable for winter.

It is a type of Japanese stew or a sort of hodgepodge.

A variety of ingredients such as Boiled eggs, Daikon (Japanese radish), Chikuwa (fish paste rolls),Konnyaku (solidified jelly made of konjac potato) and soy-flavored Dashi Broth. The type of ingredients and Dashi Broth vary depending on the area and owner making ODEN.

The following is a recipe of ODEN using a liquid seasoning Kappo Dashi.

Product Name: DonDon Series Kappo Dashi 1L

Ingredients : Light-colored soy sauce, Dried bonito, Salt, Sugar, Mirin, Sake, Dried sardine, Hydrolyzed fish    protein, Dried bonito extract, Hakkochomiryo, White soy sauce, Kombu (Dried seaweed),Dried mackerel, Shiitake mushroom,Amino acid (sodium Glutamate), Shusei(ethyl alcohol), Acidulant

Expiration  : 1year from manufacturing date

Produced by   FUTABA Co., Ltd.

Ingredients_4 servings

Kappo Dashi・・・・・・・100ml


Daikon Japanese radish・・・・・・・・・1/4 sticks

(cut into 2㎝ thickness and parboil)

Satsuma-age deep-fried fish paste・・・・・・ 4 pieces(pour hot water and reduce excess oil)

Ganmodoki deep-fried tofu・・・・・・・・・4pieces(pour hot water and reduce excess oil)

Chikuwa fish paste rolls・・・・・・・・・・ 2sticke(cut diagonally into a bite size)

Hanpen white boiled fish paste・・・・・・・ 1cake(cut into 1/4 triangle shape)

Other preferred ingredients such as boiled egg, satoimo(taro), and octopus legs


How to Cook

①     Combine Kappo Dashi and water in an earthenware pot bring it to boiling.

②     Add all the ingredients and bring it to boiling. Turn the heat down to low and cook until ingredients are seasoned thoroughly.




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