Ponzu is a Japanese seasoning that made from citrus juice, vinegar, mirin and soup stock. Ponzu can be used for a wide variety of dishes. It is mainly used as a dipping sauce for eating pot dishes.
It isalso used as a versatile sauce such as sashimi, grilled fish, grilled meat and steamed dishes. The origin of a word of Ponzu has a leading opinion of 『Pons』 which means the citrus fruit juice  in Dutch. According another theory, it means in Portuguese or Sanskrit.
FUTABA’S PONZU-ZANMAI is the orthodox school of multipurpose Ponzu sauce.

・Rich Dashi Flavor of Bonito, Kombu Kelp, Sardine, and Mackerel
・Natural Juice of Japanese Citrusesn Yuzu, Sudachi, Daidai, and Kabosu
・Less Sweetness and Mild Taste
It is very convenient and easy to use. Please look at the recipe below with FUTABA’S PONZU-ZANMAI.

Pork Loin BBQ

【Ingredients_serves 4】
Pork Loin・・・・   320g                    PONZU-ZAMMAI・・・ 60cc
Cabbage ・・・・   Adequate              Mirin・・・・・・・・   30cc
Cherry Tomato・・ Adequate              Ginger・・・・・・・      Adequate

①  Mix PONZU-ZAMMAI, mirin, grated ginger, soak the pork loin in it for 5 minutes.
②  Heat a pan, bake the pork well.
③  When the pork is cooked, pour ① sauce and heat until boiling.
④ Serve ③ on the plates, decorate the shredded cabbage and cherry tomato.

See you.