Shiohigari (Clam digging)




The Japanese are very found of collecting one’s food as we know from the popularity of strawberry picking, blueberry picking, and sweet potato digging.

May and June are the most popular months of the year to go clam digging in Japan.

We call clam digging at low tide “shiohigari” in Japanese.

Clam digging is very popular in Japan so locations can get very crowded on holidays and weekends.

Families are well equipped with full wading gear, tents, picnic lunches and more when they hit the muddy beaches to dig for clams.

Tips for Transporting and Preparing Clams to Eat

1.Fill your bucket of clams or cooler with sea water to transport home. If hot, add some ice to the water. You do not want the clams to overheat.

2.Once home take your bucket or cooler and store in a cool dark place for a minimum of six hours. The clams will spit out sand during that time.

3.If when cooking a clam, it does not open when all others have discard it. Sick or dead clams sometimes do not open.


【Delicious recipe】


You can easily cook using this product.

Sozai tyoumi dashi asari


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Sozai tyoumi dashi asari   30cc
Water                    400cc
Sake                                    5cc
Thin soy sauce                    5cc
A pinch of Salt
Clams, as needed


【How to make】

1.Pour Sozai tyoumi dashi Asari, water and clam into a pot and simmer.

2.When the clams mouth opens, add sake, thin buttery soy sauce and salt.


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