The history of Katsuo-bushi (dried bonito)

The history of Katsuo-bushi(dried bonito).




A prototype of Katsuo-bushi was indicated in the oldest Japanese history book more than 1500 years ago.




Katsuo-bushi was dried simply under the sun at the time.




The manufacturing process was devised up to dately.




The process of smoke of nowadays was validated about 300 years ago.




It is said that fermented soybean paste(miso) and soy sauce were introduced into Japan from China.




But Katsuo-bushi which was created by Japanese ancestors is used as seasoning only in Japan.




Though there are many chemical seasonings in the market, Katsuo-bushi of Japan is the best one to make the unusual and wonderful flavor.




Being a perfect and natural food Katsuo-bushi has been received a lot of attention in the recent years.