Speaking of New Year’s Eve in Japan, many Japanese people eat buckwheat noodles called TOSHIKOSHI-SOBA.The famous origin of TOSHIKOSHI-SOBA is the wish for a slim but long and healthy life, like buckwheat noodles. Since soba is easier to cut than other noodles, there is also the theory that it will cut off disasters of the year. There are various styles such as how to eat and ingredients for topping depending on the region. Would you like to eat TOSHIKOSHI-SOBA on New Year’s Eve of this year?

FUTABA’S DonDon series Katsuo Tsuyu is very convenient and easy to make TOSHIKOSHI-SOBA. Please look at the recipe.


【Ingredients_ 2serves】
Dried Soba (buckwheat noodle)・・・・ 200g
Leeks (green onion)・・・・・・・・・ 1/2
Abura-age (deep-fried Tofu)・・・・・    1 piece
Sliced Pork・・・・・・・・・・・・    60g
DonDon series Katsuo Tsuyu・・・・    80ml
Water・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 560ml

<How to Cook>
① Boil water in large pot, and cook Soba noodle for a length of instruction on the package.
② When the water rolls up to the edges of pot while cooking Soba, pour cold water into a pot.
③ When the noodle is cooked, drain water using a sieve, rub and rinse in running water to eliminate     slipperiness and drain water well
④ Cut pork and Abura-age into bite- size. Cut leeks diagonally.
⑤ Mix 560ml water and 80ml DonDon series Katsuo Tsuyu and heat them up in a pot. Add pork, leeks, Abura-age, and ③ Soba. Turn the heat to medium.
⑥ Turn it off before the soup come to the boil.
Put Soba noodle and ingredients in a serving bowl, pour the soup.

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Enjoy the holidays!