Various kinds of ramen part-1

Iekei ramen is a ramen noodle bar chain originating from a ramen bar called “Yoshimura-ya” located in Yokohama, Japan. The name “Iekei” literally means “house-type” from the kanji “家”. The chain uses pork and soy sauce as the base for their soup, and thick, flat noodles. The bowl usually comes with slices of roast pork, nori seaweed, and spinach, but there are other variations such as eggs, the number of pork slices, and the amount of seaweed.




Tsuke-men (“dipping noodles”). The noodles and soup are served in separate bowls. The diner dips the noodles in the soup before eating. Can be served hot or chilled.



Curry ramen is a curry flavor ramen noodle dish that is provided at many ramen restaurants in the cities of Muroran, Noboribetsu, Date, and Tōyako in Hokkaido, Japan.


Chanpon is a noodle dish that is a regional cuisine of Nagasaki.
The noodles are thicker than ramen but thinner than udon.
Champon is topped with a variety of ingredients, mostly seafood, a soup made with chicken and pig bones is then added, stir-fried and dressed in a starchy sauce.
The stir-fried ingredients are poured directly over the cooked noodles, with the sauce acting as a soup.






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