Japanese cuisine is called “Wa-Shoku” in Japanese.

“Wa” means peaceful and round, and “Shoku” means eating. So that Japanese cuisine makes a peaceful and family-like atmosphere.

“Wa” has another meaning “Unison”, Japanese cuisine concentrates to the unification of all ingredients. This balance of the ingredients creates the unison of the delicate taste and healthy diet.

It is one of the reasons that Japan became the first longevity in the world.

Over more Japanese cuisine is called the healthiest food in the world these days.

Japanese Soup Stock “Dashi”

Japanese soup stock “Dashi” is the most important ingredients for “Wa-Shoku”.

It is made by Dried Fish, Kelp, Seafood, Shitake Mushroom, and the other ingredients.

Especially Dried Bonito and Kelp are basic stock. It is used for almost all Japanese dishes.


The following is a liquid seasoning Kappo Dashi which is concentrated soup stock “Dashi”.
Product Name: DonDon Series Kappo Dashi 1L

Ingredients :
Light-colored soy sauce,Dried bonito, Salt,Sugar,
Mirin,Sake,Dried sardine, Hydrolyzed fish-
protein,Dried bonito extract, Hakkochomiryo,
White soy sauce, Kombu (Dried seaweed),
Driedmackerel, Shiitake mushroom,Amino-
acid (sodium Glutamate),Shusei(ethyl alcohol),

Expiration  : 1year from manufacturing date

Produced by   FUTABA Co., Ltd.


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