YOSENABE (All in One Pot)

In our area, I began to feel cold in the morning and evening in November. Also, it’s finally a season to feel the arrival of winter. This time I will introduce a YOSENABE of dish which is perfect for the coming cold season.

YOSENABE is to be cooked with various ingredients such as meat, vegetable, fish and shellfish put in a earthenware pot or iron pan with Dashi(soup stock). Dashi is taken with dried bonito, kombu kelp, mushrooms, shellfish, etc.
As seasoning, salt, soy sauce, sake and miso are common. There are different kinds of Dashi and ingredients in each region, and there are various kinds.
YOSENABE is characterized by the inclusion of local specialty products. Finally, it is a standard to eat noodles (Udon noodles and Ramen noodles) or rice.

DonDon Series Shirotsuyu is very convenient and easy to use for Dashi and seasoning for all-in-one. Please look at the YOSENABE recipe below with DonDon Series Shirotsuyu.
YOSENABE (All in One Pot)

<Ingredients_4 servings>
DonDon Series Shirotsuyu・・ 100ml
Water・・・・・・・・・・  1200ml
Pacific Cod fish・・・・・・   200g
Chinese Cabbage・・・・・  160g
Garland Chrysanthemum・・・ 20g
Shimeji Mushroom・・・・・ 100g
Naga-Negi Onion・・・・・・  80g
Shiitake Mushroom・・・・・  80g
Carrot・・・・・・・・・・     40g
Shrimp・・・・・・・・・・    8

<How to Cook>
① Cut Chinese cabbage coarsely, and garland chrysanthemum into 4 cm long.
② Cut Naga-negi onion diagonally, chop off the tips of the Shimeji mushroom stems and divide into portions. Remove the stem off of the Shiitake mushroom and make a cress shape incision on each cap. Cut carrot in flower shape.
③ Cut pacific cod fish into a bite size, peel shrimps.
④ Mix DonDon Shirotsuyu and water in large pot, then cook ①, ②, and ③ in the soup.

See you.